Schedule an Advising Appointment

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss academics, semester planning, and goals for graduation. Please refer to the options below for scheduling an appointment.

How to Schedule an Advising Meeting

You can schedule an appointment online through Jayhawk GPS.  

You can call the Jayhawk Academic Advising office Monday-Friday 8am-5pm at 785-864-2834.

You can stop by the Jayhawk Academic Advising office anytime Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM central time to set up an appointment. They are located in Summerfield 315.

Types of Jayhawk GPS Advising Appointments

*Please note you will be able to choose virtual (Zoom or Phone) or in-person*

  • Admission/ Readmission

    • Choose this category to talk about returning to KU
  • Enrollment/ Holds
    • Choose this category to talk about any semester's enrollment, or if you have a hold *if you aren't sure, or just want to talk with your advisor, default to this category*
  • Financial Aid/ Progress (1 hour long)
    • Choose this category if you need a SAP appeal or additional information for Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Graduation (Seniors)
    • Choose this category if you are wanting to talk about graduating and are within 3 semesters of doing so
  • Probation/ GPA Concerns (1 hour long)
    • Choose this category if you are concerned with your GPA or need to complete an Academic Action Plan
  • Semester Planning
    • Choose this category for creating a graduation or term-by-term plan for graduation

Advising Appointment Prep Checklist

  • Jayhawk GPS

    Schedule an appointment in advance of your enrollment date. You should receive an email from the University Registrar with your enrollment assignment (usually late September for spring and early March for summer/fall). You can always reference your enrollment assignment in Enroll & Pay.

  • Degree Progress Report

    Review your Degree Progress Report (DPR) and make sure your record is up to date. If you have completed transfer work, send it to KU Admissions prior to your appointment. If you have questions about anything on your record, bring these to your appointment.

  • Common CASS Holds

    Check for any enrollment holds you may have and work to resolve these prior to your meeting. You should receive an email if you have a hold, but you can also find your hold information in Enroll & Pay.

  • Schedule of Classes

    Come with a list of courses you are interested in taking. Check the Schedule of Classes to see what is available and start building your schedule

  • Outside Academics

    Think of any additional questions you may have about your experiences at KU. Plan to study abroad or participate in research? If you have questions about any additional experiences you’d like to get involved with our academic advisors can help get you started!

  • Advising Notes

    Review your past Jayhawk GPS Appointment Notes/Reports. You can access those in Jayhawk GPS.