KU Minors

What is a minor?

A minor is a secondary area of study. Requirements vary, but it is typically about eighteen hours, at least twelve of which must be at the junior/senior level (300+ numbered courses). A minor can be in nearly any discipline and can be in a college or professional school that is different from your own (with a few exceptions). For example, you can major in Psychology and minor in Business, or major in Journalism and minor in German, or major in Biology and minor in Dance. The possibilities are endless!

Why would I want a minor?

Minors can be a great way to pursue your passion or interests. For example, you may have studied piano for years, but you're not going to make it to Carnegie Hall. With a minor, you can continue to develop and nurture your talent with professional instructors while dedicating the majority of your education to some other career-minded pursuit.

A minor can also supplement your educational or career goals—for example, you may want to minor in a language if you are going to be a teacher, a businessperson, work abroad, or in government. An education across the disciplines has never been more important, and a minor can help bring together different ideas, concepts, and expertise to engage you with new ways of thinking and exciting technologies. Thinking creatively is of the most desirable qualities that employers are seeking in new hires. When you minor in something that is both different from and complementary to your major, you develop new ways of thinking and bring a fresh perspective that can help you to stand out on the job market.

Do I need a minor?

Unless you are earning a BGS degree, and you are not earning two certificates or another major, you do not need to have a minor. For Bachelor of Art (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees they are optional!

To add a College minor, please email your advisor or collegeadvising@ku.edu

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

African and African-American StudiesMinor in African and African-American Studies
 Minor in African and African Diasporic Languages
American StudiesMinor in Latino/a Studies
 Minor in American Studies
 Minor in Social Justice in the U.S.
AnthropologyMinor in Anthropology
Applied Behavioral ScienceMinor in Applied Behavioral Science
ChemistryMinor in Chemistry
ClassicsMinor in Classical Antiquity
 Minor in Classical Languages
Communication StudiesMinor in Communication Studies
East Asian Languages and CulturesMinor in East Asian Languages and Cultures
EconomicsMinor in Economics
EnglishMinor in English
Environmental StudiesMinor in Environmental Studies
French, Francophone, and Italian StudiesMinor in French and Francophone Studies 
 Minor in Italian Studies
Geography and Atmospheric ScienceMinor in Geography
 Minor in Atmospheric Science
GeologyMinor in Geology
 Minor in Petroleum Geology
Global and International StudiesMinor in European Studies
 Global and International Studies Minor
 Minor in Middle East Studies
 Minor in Latin American Area Studies
 Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies
HistoryMinor in History
History of ArtMinor in History of Art
Indigenous StudiesIndigenous Studies
Institute for Leadership StudiesMinor in Leadership Studies
Jewish StudiesMinor in Jewish Studies
LinguisticsMinor in Linguistics
MathematicsMinor in Mathematics
PhilosophyMinor in Philosophy
Physics and AstronomyMinor in Astrobiology
 Minor in Astronomy
 Minor in Physics
Political ScienceMinor in Intelligence and National Security Studies
 Minor in Political Science
 Minor in Public Policy in the United States
PsychologyMinor in Psychology
Religious StudiesMinor in Religious Studies
Slavic Languages and LiteraturesMinor in Slavic Languages and Literatures
 Minor in German Studies
 Minor in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
SociologyMinor in Sociology
Spanish and PortugueseMinor in Brazilian Studies
 Minor in Spanish
Speech-Language-Hearing: Sciences and DisordersMinor in Speech-Language-Hearing
Women, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesMinor in Human Sexuality
 Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Other Schools within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

School of the Arts
Film and Media StudiesMinor in Film and Media Studies
Theatre and DanceMinor in Dance
 Minor in Theatre
Visual ArtMinor in Visual Art
School of Public Affairs and Administration
Minor in Law and Society (classes offered at Edwards Campus)
Minor in Public Administration (classes offered at Edwards Campus)


For other certificates offered throughout the university, please visit the following links:

Architecture & DesignMinor in PhotographyApply for the Photography Minor here
 Minor in Design EntrepreneurshipEmail the Department of Design for more info
BusinessMinor in Business Fill out Minor Declaration Form here
Education and Human SciencesMinor in Sport Management Fill out Minor Declaration Form here
 Minor in Education Studies Fill out Minor Declaration Form here
 Minor in Athletics CoachingFill out Minor Declaration Form here
Health ProfessionsMinor in Healthcare Management Fill out Minor Information Form here
JournalismMinor in JournalismApply to the Journalism Minor here
MusicMinor in MusicSubmit Change of School Form to be accepted into the School of Music and Register for an Audition
Professional Studies (Edwards)Minor in BiotechnologyReach out to Biotechnology Success Coach 
 Minor in NutritionReach out to Nutrition Success Coach
 Minor in Public and Population HealthReach out to PPH Success Coach