Declaring a Major & Enrolling

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Declaring a College Major

If you’ve already declared your major, you should have an advisor in your department who can help you make sure you stay on track for graduation. Contact Jayhawk Academic Advising for assistance in finding your advisor, or visit Jayhawk GPS  for your assigned advisor.

As a student in the College, you have the opportunity to explore countless topics. We encourage you to take classes in as many different subject areas as you can to help you decide your major. If you’re unsure of what classes to take, an advisor can help you decide what classes might be best for you. If you have not decided on a major yet, please utilize Jayhawk Academic Advising for exploratory advising information.

Congratulations! You’ve decided on a major. Most of the programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences do not have any requirements for declaring a major, however, we strongly encourage you to meet with an advisor in your desired area of study and create a plan to graduate.  During an advising appointment, your advisor can also help you update your academic record to reflect your area of study. 

You are also welcome to stop by 109 Strong Hall in person or email from your KU email address and request to declare your major (be sure to include your ID and the major you want added and/or removed). You may also email your academic advisor.

How do I Enroll?

  1. On or after the updating of the Schedule of Classes, browse options being offered for the next semester. This usually happens in March (for Summer and Fall) and September (for Spring).
  2. Ensure you don't have any enrollment holds preventing you from enrolling. You check Enroll & Pay>Holds & To Dos to see if you have holds and below on how to remove common holds.
  3. Find your enrollment time in Enroll & Pay>Manage Classes>Enrollment Time or check your email from the Registrar ( 
  4. Use Schedule Builder (also under Manage Classes) to create a tentative schedule.
  5. Optional- Send schedule to your advisor, using the share button, to look over and give feedback. 
  6. Send schedule to shopping cart.
  7. Before your enrollment time, check the Schedule of Classes to make sure nothing has changed or sections aren’t full. 
  8. Adjust shopping cart as needed. 
  9. At your enrollment time, go to your shopping cart and click through to officially enroll (this will NOT work unless it’s your enrollment time).  
  10. You should see all green check marks and "This course has been added to your schedule". If you do not, read the error message and fix the course that isn’t working.  
  11. Optional- Send an email to your advisor saying you enrolled and we will double check your schedule for you! 

Do you have an Enrollment Hold?

If you have an academic hold, please refer to the information below on how to take care of the hold so you can enroll. If you have questions, your assigned advisor would be happy to assist.

Commons Holds

Advising: Welcome (ADV_WELC)

  • All new students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences receive this hold during their first semester.  We want students to meet with their assigned advisors to help set advising expectations. Students should continue to learn about their Degree Progress Report, Schedule of Classes and plan for at least the next semester. 
  • How to remove:  Schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor.

Advising: Crossroads (ADV_CSRD)

  • Admission into your program of choice is essential to being successful at KU.  Students that have not been admitted into a major or school will receive this hold if they should be checking in with an advisor or may not be on track for admission.
  • Gain admission into your school/major of choice or meet with an advisor to discuss admission requirements.
  • If you are unable to be admitted at this time or are still exploring your academic path you will need to meet with an advisor in the program you are hoping to enter or your assigned academic advisor. You may need to bring proof of your meeting to 109 Strong Hall for the hold to be removed if your advisor is unable to remove it.

Advising: Exploratory (ADV_EXPL)

  • As a student still exploring possible major options, it is important to meet with your advisor. Students will need to meet with their advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center to discuss major options in order to get this hold removed.
  • How to remove: Schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor.

Academic Standing: Probation or Notice (PRB)

  • All students that are on academic notice, placed on probation or are continuing on probation must meet with their assigned advisor to fill out an Academic Action Plan.
  • How to remove: Schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor to fill out your Academic Action Plan. 
  • After completing the Academic Action Plan with your advisor your enrollment hold will be removed within two business days.