Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness allows students to remove up to three terms from their University of Kansas GPA one time in their academic career at KU. A student may request Academic Forgiveness upon meeting the following conditions: 

  1. Is currently classified as an undergraduate student at KU.
  2. Has had a break in attendance of at least four years from KU.
  3. Has earned an overall GPA of less than 2.0 prior to the four year break from KU.
  4. Currently has an overall GPA since returning to KU of 2.5 or better.
  5. Has earned at least 12 credit hours since return to KU and
  6. Has consulted with his/her Academic Dean (College students meet with an advisor in Jayhawk Academic Advising) and obtained approval (i.e., signature and stamp) on the Academic Forgiveness form.

A student may designate no more than three academic terms to be removed. The removed terms will not be computed into the student's current GPA nor will any of the removed credits count toward a degree at the University of Kansas. 

For additional questions, contact College Undergraduate Academic Services.