Early and Continuous Enrollment in English and Math

Undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are expected to make timely progress towards completing their degree requirements. In an effort to have students remain compliant with the requirements of the KU Core and the College, students are required to complete the Written Communication requirements of both the KU Core and their degree within the first academic year of their enrollment and to complete the Quantitative Literacy requirements of both the KU Core and the College by the end of their third full semester.

To ensure compliance with this policy, students may be administratively registered for courses if, after the first semester, the College determines that they are not on track to meet the requirement. The College also may place administrative holds on records of students not in compliance with this policy.

Students should play close attention to the requirements specific to their degree and major. Some degrees and majors require specific Goal 1, Learning Outcome 2 courses to meet the requirements of the KU Core, their degree and their major or minor.